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Free Ringtones 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Free Ringtones brings you the latest mobile content. You can download free ringtones (MP3 Ringtones, music ringtones, Polyphonic tones, Realtones, RTTTL and mono ring tones), games, wallpapers, screensavers, videos and more content for your phone.

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Polyphonic ringtones 1.0.6

Freeware Aug 17, 2007 download

polyphonic mobile midi ringtones ring sounds ring tones java phone games mobile wallpaper color grap...

Downloads total: 2748 last week: 0

One Click Ringtones 1.01

Freeware Jun 15, 2006 download

Turn all your MP3's into ringtones...with a single click! OneClickRingtones searches your computer for MP3 files and displays them letting you select which files you want to convert to MP3 ringtones.

Downloads total: 1507 last week: 0

My Ringading 1.0

Shareware Oct 16, 2005 download

Are you tired of the limited selection of ringtones on your cell phone? With My Ringading, you can create truly unique ringtones that stand out in the crowd.

Downloads total: 1525 last week: 0

Ringhero 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Ringhero generates personal ringtones in just 3 quick steps. Ringhero supports AMR, MMF as well as MP3 ringtone formats.

Downloads total: 952 last week: 1

Free Ringtone CD Ripper 1.01

Freeware Jun 15, 2006 download

Turn any CD into free ringtones. Simply load CD and click a button. Open the software. Insert the CD you wish to rip into ringtones, select a single track.

Downloads total: 3168 last week: 0

AnyMP4 iPhone Ringtone Maker 7.0.40

Shareware Oct 14, 2016 download

AnyMP4 iPhone Ringtone Maker enables you to make the unique iPhone Ringtone with source audio, video, and DVD.

Downloads total: 222 last week: 0

Cool RingTone Maker 1.1.0

Shareware Nov 04, 2008 download

Cool RingTone Maker is a windows desktop application let you make your own ringtones for cellphone or cut music to pieces.

Downloads total: 871 last week: 0

Ringtones 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Ringtones Real Tones Voice Ringers Sound Ringers Mobile Phone Java Games Mobile Wallpaper - No Subscription - Our Ringtones Do Not Expire.

Downloads total: 544 last week: 0
icon ringtones composer 26.0

Freeware Oct 23, 2015 download

Download your own ringtones by simply playing any song using the virtual piano. Also available a huge variety of real tone mp3 songs, m4r songs, midi songs are available for downlond in your mobile.

Downloads total: 711 last week: 0

Make Your Own Ringtones 3.2

Demo Jul 25, 2008 download

With Make Your Own Ringtones you make personal ringtones from your own music collection. There is no limit to the ringtones you can create from your mp3, wma, aac, wav, ogg files or from your CD collection.

Downloads total: 2063 last week: 0

Be a Ringtone DJ and Mix Multiple MP3s 1.01

Freeware Jun 15, 2006 download

Be a Ringtone DJ. Make cool free ringtones by mixing your MP3's, like a DJ. Make your phone unique.

Downloads total: 3090 last week: 1

Free MP3 Ringtone Maker 1.00

Freeware Jun 13, 2009 download

With Free MP3 Ringtone Maker, it's a snap to create great sounding ringtones with tracks from your own music library.

Downloads total: 428 last week: 0

Ringtone Chop Shop 1.0

Freeware Dec 03, 2005 download

Don\'t pay $2 or $3 per ringtone any more. This neat little application (for MacOS or Windows XP) allows you to take any track off of a CD, select your favorite part, and send it to a phone as a ringtone.

Downloads total: 10960 last week: 0

3GP Movie Studio 1.0

Shareware May 01, 2006 download

Join the video ringtone revolution. Audio ringtones are yesterdays news "” modern cell phones allow moving pictures combined with audio to be used as ringtones.

Downloads total: 3593 last week: 0

Daniusoft Blackberry Ringtone Maker

Shareware Sep 28, 2009 download

Daniusoft BlackBerry Ringtone Maker helps you to make ringtones for BlackBerry easily. The powerful BlackBerry ringtone maker can convert MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AVI, MPEG, WMV, AIFF, MP4, H.

Downloads total: 274 last week: 0

Polyphonic Wizard 4.05

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

The Coding Workshop Polyphonic Wizard is a software program for your PC that allows you to add new ringtones, pictures and java applets (games) to your polyphonic phone without the need for cables or sms (text) services.

Downloads total: 441 last week: 0

Easy Ringtone Editor for Free Ringtones 1.01

Freeware Jun 16, 2006 download

RingtoneEditor lets you edit your existing MP3 ringtones to your exact liking. You can import your newly created MP3 ringtones or select a CD track and select the exact location and length of the final ringtone before uploading to your phone.

Downloads total: 14412 last week: 0

Xingtone 4.0

Demo Dec 01, 2004 download

Xingtone's desktop software allows you to make your own real music ringtones from any audio file on your computer.

Downloads total: 2828 last week: 0

My Phone Files And Media Shop 1.01

Shareware Aug 10, 2006 download

You already have the music you like, now turn it into ringtones. This great one of a kind software turns your music collection into your own ringtone library.

Downloads total: 1301 last week: 0

Mobile Content 1.00

Freeware Apr 21, 2005 download

This program is a FREE database of mobile (cellular) content, such as ringtones, wallpapers, java games, etc.

Downloads total: 2850 last week: 1

MAGIX Ringtone Maker 3

Shareware Jul 30, 2008 download

MAGIX Ringtone Maker 3 converts your favorite tracks into ringtones or into full MP3s in a flash. Top-quality mobile entertainment without any contracts, subscription fees or other costs.

Downloads total: 7064 last week: 0

Convert to Ringtone Wizard 1.19

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

Convert your music files to WAV, MP3, AMR, MMF or QCP ringtones and send them to mobile phone without cables.

Downloads total: 2697 last week: 0

One-click Ringtone Converter 2.6

Shareware Oct 02, 2012 download

Any music you want can now be in your mobile phone with just a single click. One-click Ringtone Converter is a software tool that turns music files in all popular formats into polyphonic ringtones for your cell phone.

Downloads total: 1414 last week: 1

Make Free Midi Ringtones 1.01

Freeware Jun 21, 2006 download

MidiEditor is a powerful MIDI creation tool that lets you make your own MIDI ringtones. Select from a large assortment of instruments, build your new MIDI ringtone, save it and then upload it direct to your cell phone.

Downloads total: 2543 last week: 0

Free Ringtones Using Voices and Sounds 1.01

Freeware Jun 16, 2006 download

Voice2Ringtone lets you use your own voice recording as a ringtone. Use your sound enabled computer with a microphone to capture yourself or surrounding sounds.

Downloads total: 1359 last week: 0

Quick Ringtone 1.01

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Quick Ringtone is an EASY TO USE Tool that can convert audio to mobile phone ringtone. Currently it can only convert ringtones between MIDI, RTTTL, MOTO Composer, eMelody and iMelody code.

Downloads total: 665 last week: 0

Ringtone Media Studio 1.04

Shareware Dec 16, 2005 download

New SMS delivery* with Ringtone Media Studio. Express yourself! Personalize your cell phone with ringtones, wallpaper, screensavers and video clips.

Downloads total: 3841 last week: 1

Xilisoft Windows Mobile Ringtone Maker

Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

Serving all Windows Mobile devices, Xilisoft Windows Mobile Ringtone Maker owns its great capability of making MP3 music file from other media files for your Windows Mobile device ringtone.

Downloads total: 237 last week: 0