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NetResView 1.27

Freeware Nov 01, 2013 download

NetResView is a small utility that displays the list of all network resources (computers, disk shares, and printer shares) on your LAN.

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  • Platform: Windows
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3D Art Screen Saver 5.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Display original works of 3D Art as your screensaver! Includes 35 images, with captions of the art piece.

Downloads total: 278 last week: 3

Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver 2.3.1

Freeware Jul 31, 2005 download

Places I'd Rather Be Screensaver allows you to build a travel-related screensaver. Just type in the name of any place you would rather be (such as Disneyland or Tropical Island), and the program will automatically retrieve related images from the Internet.

Downloads total: 966 last week: 1

My FTP Places 4.1.1

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

My FTP Places is an FTP client software which turns Windows Explorer into a full-featured FTP client with built-in hierarchical FTP site manager.

Downloads total: 1399 last week: 1

Germany-Guide 1.0

Freeware Apr 24, 2007 download

This little program helps to discover interesting places in Germany. It divides the places into the four main directions - West, East, South and North.

Downloads total: 842 last week: 1

Hotels Photo Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Feb 18, 2008 download

Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures and recall for exotic memories. Hotels Photo screensaver has pictures of the most beautiful, luxury and relaxational places where everyone may enjoy for unlimited time.

Downloads total: 488 last week: 1

Secure Network Chat 2.10.15

Shareware Dec 16, 2004 download

Secure Network Chat (SNC) - is a text chat able to solve all the problems in communication between your company staff members cardinally.

Downloads total: 2181 last week: 2

Network Security Protector 3.31

Shareware Nov 17, 2013 download

Network Security Protector is the best network-based security software for corporations, public libraries, internet cafes, schools, universities and other public environment applications where administrator has to secure and maintain a lot of network PC workstations located in different places.

Downloads total: 1217 last week: 1

eXtra Buttons 2.2.5-beta

Freeware Jul 08, 2013 download

eXtra Buttons helps to organize your workspace and improve your productivity. It adds a couple of features to the title bar or the system menu of the windows.

Downloads total: 296 last week: 1

Desktop UI Renamer 1.0

Freeware May 04, 2005 download

Windows has an annoying habit of not letting you rename many of the icons on your desktop. With this free little application tweak the ui quickly and easily.

Downloads total: 1693 last week: 2


Shareware Jan 13, 2008 download

DEKSI COMMERCE provides complete commerce automation for your company. It is a true web-based application in Java with a rich user interface.

Downloads total: 374 last week: 1

Network Management Suite 9.4.6

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

Complete network management solution containing two must applications for the network administrators.

Downloads total: 4508 last week: 2

Double Solitaire b1

Shareware Aug 21, 2007 download

This is a solitaire game you play with a friend using TCP/IP or against the computer locally. It is a speed game, that is, the fastest player usually wins.

Downloads total: 654 last week: 1

DiskArcher Backup Utility 1.65

Shareware Mar 04, 2003 download

DiskArcher is a powerful and the easiest-to-use backup utility. Just drag-and-drop files you want to save.

Downloads total: 1560 last week: 1

L.A. city screensaver 1

Freeware Aug 16, 2007 download

See beautiful places of Los Angeles city in this free screensavers.Los angeles is one of the great city and favorite places of visitors.

Downloads total: 434 last week: 1

Beautiful Places Screensaver 3.0

Freeware Jun 28, 2016 download

Install this screensavers to your computer and visit a lot of beautiful places all around the world. From nothern snow mountains and cold winds to southern palms and sand shores.

Downloads total: 566 last week: 3

Aspose.Network 2.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Aspose.Network is a suit of flexible and .NET network programming components which includes not only the implementations of most of the major network protocols but also lots of utility classes to facilitate the common development tasks.

Downloads total: 270 last week: 1

Spring Awakening Photo Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Apr 29, 2011 download

Photo Screensavers bring you a new dimension in presenting pictures and recall spring memories. Spring Awaking Photo screensaver has pictures of the most beautiful places catched by camera eye where everyone may enjoy for unlimited time.

Downloads total: 202 last week: 1


Shareware Jan 11, 2008 download

DEKSI SALES is a powerful and feature rich Web-based Sales Force Automation solution. DEKSI SALES provides complete sales automation for your company.

Downloads total: 613 last week: 1

Best Network Security 3.32

Shareware Apr 16, 2015 download

Best Network Security is the best solution for corporations, universities, schools, public libraries, internet cafes and other applications where administrator has to secure and maintain a lot of network PC workstations located in different places.

Downloads total: 1082 last week: 2

IM History Plus 0.9.4

Freeware Aug 11, 2007 download

IM History Plus is a totally free and easy to use IM tool which can view all the histories of all accounts of almost any Instant Messenger in one window.

Downloads total: 484 last week: 1

WinDriversBackup 1.0.7

Freeware Feb 10, 2003 download

WinDriversBackup is a free utility provided by JerMar Software Corp. specifically for backing up your Windows system driver files.

Downloads total: 4769 last week: 2

Swmole File Sync 2.0.0

Shareware Sep 18, 2012 download

You are looking for the good software for file synchronization. Process of file synchronization allows to connect two devices (the personal computer...

Downloads total: 156 last week: 0

DEKSI Network Manager 4.9

Shareware Jan 30, 2007 download

DEKSI Network Manager is an advanced and powerful network monitoring tool. It can continuously monitor the state of your servers, various network services, databases and more over the network seven days a a week, twenty-four hours a day.

Downloads total: 1094 last week: 1

Quick StartUp

Freeware Aug 26, 2014 download

When you turn on your computer certain applications, drivers, and services are automatically started at the beginning of each Windows session.

Downloads total: 1964 last week: 1

ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer 5.5.1

Shareware Jan 13, 2007 download

ConceptDraw NetDiagrammer has been developed for professional computer network diagramming, LAN scanning and visualization, preparation of network documentation, office/building/home network planning.

Downloads total: 2022 last week: 2

SwitchPro 1.14

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

SwitchPro provides convenient switching between network profiles under WindowsXP and Windows 2000. If you are using a notebook and are tired of beari...

Downloads total: 1449 last week: 2

Network Probe 3.0

Oct 06, 2012 download

Network Probe is a network monitor and protocol analyzer that gives you an instant picture of the traffic situation on your network and enables you to identify and isolate traffic problems.

Downloads total: 350 last week: 3

Net Switch 2.1

Shareware Dec 07, 2006 download

Net Switch is a multi network manager, which enables you to change network settings with one mouse click.

Downloads total: 878 last week: 0