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Free Motorcycle Race Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Aug 14, 2007 download

Do you want to take part in an exciting motorcycle race across rugged terrain? Get right into the middle of the action! Let the road overwhelm all of your senses! Choose one of the most stylish and fastest motorcycles.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Kawasaki Superbike Challenge 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Ever wanted to drive one of those superfast racing bikes? Here's your chance, with this excellent polygonal motoracer from the creators of the F1 World Championship series.

Downloads total: 1310 last week: 2

Bike Racing 1.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

An arcade racer on a motorcycle, navigate your way through many levels and obstacles! Play this addi...

Downloads total: 969 last week: 0

Arcade Race - Crash 1.03

Shareware Oct 02, 2012 download

Arcade Race Crash! - 3D races with weapons utilization. Great choice of tracks, cars, weapons and devices will not allow you be bored.

Downloads total: 3255 last week: 2

Race Cars: The Extreme Rally 1.0

Shareware Oct 19, 2005 download

Drive the super fast race cars and see if you could have been or perhaps still can become the world's best racer.

Downloads total: 4203 last week: 0

Desert Moto Racing 1.39

Freeware Jul 30, 2014 download

3D moto racing game. It takes place in a desert and features two game modes - Racing Contest and Ghost Race.

Downloads total: 728 last week: 2

Need For Extreme 3D 2.1

Freeware Jun 18, 2007 download

Need For Extreme 3D - a new 3D race game with 3D person view from above that is original for this genre.

Downloads total: 5140 last week: 2

Need for Speed World

Freeware Dec 21, 2010 download

Need for Speed World Online takes the race into the largest open world in the history of Need for Speed- designed exclusively for the PC.

Downloads total: 1934 last week: 1

Intense Racing 1.0

Freeware Sep 13, 2007 download

Become world's best racer. Put yourself into the driver's seat of the world's fastest car. Compete on multiple race tracks against skilled drivers from all over the world.

Downloads total: 1281 last week: 14

Street Racer 1.55

Freeware Aug 22, 2014 download

3D racing game with top-down view. Race to victory in the world of street racing. Finish first at each race to participate in more competitions.

Downloads total: 466 last week: 2

Arcade Race 1.27

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download is pleased to present new 3D addictive game, with 3d person perspective that is original for this genre, - Arcade Race.

Downloads total: 3867 last week: 1

Ready Race 1.0

Freeware Oct 29, 2009 download

Ready Race is an exciting racing game for free. The goal is to successfully drive your car, colliding with the other cars in the road and avoiding every dangerous thing like bullets from the other cars and so on, in order to complete each level.

Downloads total: 1028 last week: 3

Archibald Alphabet Minigolf 1.0

Shareware Aug 10, 2007 download

A computer version of the popular golfing / pool game in untraditional set-up. Each of the succesive alphabetical letters serves as a particular race.

Downloads total: 465 last week: 0

Deadly Race 1.0

Freeware Sep 07, 2012 download

Racing Games to Play provides a constantly growing collection of free racing games of a wide variety of different sub-genres.

Downloads total: 736 last week: 4

Space Race Mania 2.0

Freeware Dec 01, 2006 download

Endless space scope is waiting for courageous racers! The galactic tournament for space gliders races is announced.

Downloads total: 2027 last week: 1

The Zoo Race - Noahs Adventures 2 1.7

Shareware Oct 03, 2007 download

THE ZOO RACE - A 3D animal zoo racing game for ages 9-99. - After laughing and teasing her friend Rueben about believing in the bible story of Noahs Ark, then Hannah the librarian has a dream about it.

Downloads total: 1604 last week: 4

Crazy Taxi Racers 1.0

Freeware Mar 10, 2014 download

3d taxi racing game. Taxis are designed for a comfortable ride from one side of town to another. But the owners of these cars have decided to arrange taxis to race through the night city! Take part in a crazy taxi race, win new cars and upgrade them to be first at the finish.

Downloads total: 450 last week: 1

Crazy Police Racers 1.0

Freeware Oct 03, 2014 download

3D police racing game. Police cars are designed to pursuit auto thefts and criminals and to get fast to the place of the crime.

Downloads total: 190 last week: 17

Coloring Book 11: Trucks 1.02.30

Shareware Aug 09, 2013 download

An 11th coloring book program filled with 50 pages of trucks and other vehicles. Download a free trial version of the Cars and Trucks Coloring Book th...

Downloads total: 2316 last week: 1

Coloring Book 11: Trucks 1.02.30

Shareware Aug 09, 2013 download

An 11th coloring book program filled with 50 pages of trucks and other vehicles. Download a free trial version of the Cars and Trucks Coloring Book th...

Downloads total: 1025 last week: 1

Extreme Motorbikers 1.58

Freeware Aug 03, 2014 download

3D moto racing game. Ultimate motorcycle ride on a winding road with tricky opponents and a variety of obstacles.

Downloads total: 733 last week: 5

Field Goal Frenzy 1.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

See how good you are at kicking field goals. It's a race to see who can make the most kicks in 3 min...

Downloads total: 386 last week: 0

A Maze Race 1.5.1

Freeware Jan 24, 2013 download

Join the Maze Race and beat the computer to display your precise judgment and control! In this game, your goal is to reach the exit of the maze before the computer does.

Downloads total: 94 last week: 1

Race Cars 1.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Beautiful race cars screensaver featuring a slide show of high-quality race cars images. Fully user-customizable - you can change the size of the images as well as the transitions of the slide show.

Downloads total: 421 last week: 1

Hovercraft Racing 1.10.1

Freeware Jan 31, 2013 download

Fancy an innovative racing experience instead of traditional motor events? Go aboard your hovercraft and blast through the laps! In this game, your goal is to race against 2 opponents and grab the trophy of the hovercraft championship.

Downloads total: 584 last week: 1

1888 Ladders & Snakes Board Game 1

Freeware Jul 02, 2007 download

Play free downloadable game of Snakes and Ladders, which is originated in India and known as Chutes and Ladders in the US.

Downloads total: 1658 last week: 1

Vroom Vroom !!! 1.11

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Vroom Vroom !!! is a frantic top down 2D racing game suitable for all playes and all ages. It contains multiple race tracks and various game modes and levels to suit all skill levels.

Downloads total: 501 last week: 1

Race War Kingdoms Proxy Clicker 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

The Race War Kingdoms Proxy Clicker is a powerful proxy clicker for the online game Race War Kingdoms.

Downloads total: 628 last week: 0

Four Empires: Bush against terrorists 1.2

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

The unique strategic board game "Four Empires: Bush against terrorists" looks similar to Monopoly, but the rules and scenarios are quite different: you will be able conquer cities of rivals, conduct active battles against them, conduct nuclear tests and embark on a nuclear race.

Downloads total: 1834 last week: 1