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Index.dat Analyzer 2.5

Freeware Oct 04, 2012 download

Index.dat files are hidden files on your computer that contain all tracks of your online activity, where have you been on internet, what sites you visited, list of URL-s, files and documents you recently accessed.

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Elite Index and Concordance Creator 2.0

Shareware Sep 17, 2010 download

Elite Index and Concordance Creator automatically generates an index for PDF documents, through Indesign, MS Word, and others.

Downloads total: 265 last week: 0

My Photo Index 1.24.3552

Freeware Oct 06, 2012 download

My Photo Index is a free open source photo organizer. It focuses on image tagging and cataloging and offers a clear & simple user friendly interface.

Downloads total: 901 last week: 0

RunIt! 2.0

Freeware Jun 30, 2006 download

RunIt! enables you to add files, websites and programs to your RunIt! index, all according to keywords you selected, so it is easy for you to remember...

Downloads total: 1165 last week: 0

IndicesBuilder 2.0

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

IndicesBuilder allows you to design custom indices using your MetaStock files. The index reflects the average open, high, low, close and volume and allows you to view a chart of it and run tests on it in MetaStock.

Downloads total: 323 last week: 1

Card 2000 3.0

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Microsoft Cardfile with more features, power and capability. Easily store, organize and retrieve personal information in an index card style.

Downloads total: 383 last week: 0

Glycemic Index And Weight Loss 3.0

Freeware Sep 30, 2012 download

The glycemic index is a ranking of carbohydrates based on their immediate effect on blood sugar levels.

Downloads total: 2469 last week: 0

SearchAlyzer 1.04

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

SearchAlyzer simultaneously queries the common search engines and compiles results into an interactive book with chapters, an index, and pages.

Downloads total: 276 last week: 1

Body Mass Index BMI Calculator 1.0

Freeware Oct 15, 2008 download

This Body Mass Index calculator is easy to use and can be used in both metric or imperial measurements to determine what your BMI (Body Mass Index) is.

Downloads total: 201 last week: 1

DIR2HTML 1.1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

DIR2HTML creates an HTML index from a file system directory. This is useful for building file lists, cataloging contents of CD-ROMS, etc.

Downloads total: 316 last week: 0

Fts7 1.3.1

Freeware Oct 26, 2014 download

Full-text search engine library written in Java. Builds a search index on Java objects, having a text content, and performs a quick search via this index.

Downloads total: 106 last week: 0

Easy Index Generator 3.0.1

Shareware Sep 04, 2006 download

Easy Index Generator provides fast and easy creation of configurable index files (files of Contents) for any files types in HTML (both as single page ...

Downloads total: 977 last week: 0

ASP.NET Search Engine 2013

Commercial Jun 06, 2015 download

Add an ASP.NET search engine to your website, quickly and easily. SearchUnit provides a powerful index based search engine control for ASP.

Downloads total: 180 last week: 1

Index.dat scan 2.6

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Protect your PC privacy! Prevent spyware and malicious web sites from tracking your activities! Find, scan, preview, erase index.

Downloads total: 317 last week: 1

AD Picture Index 2.2

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

AD Picture Index is the digital image and photo cataloguing and management tool. It's builds a database of your image and photo collection and allows you to rapidly search and categorize your files.

Downloads total: 2021 last week: 0

BMI Calculator (Body Mass Index) 1.0

Shareware Sep 19, 2005 download

Body Mass Index is a measure of your weight relative to your height. BMI for adults falls into one of these categories: normal, overweight, obese, or underweight.

Downloads total: 3421 last week: 0

Kimmie Album 1.3.2

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

It can turn your images into a flash style music album of a index.htm and a index.swf files by a few clicks.

Downloads total: 411 last week: 1

ASP Search Engine 1.5.3

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Indexing of the title, description, keywords and full content of all HTML, ASP and TXT documents using a recursive call to all pages in a web site and sub folders excluding those folders listed in the robots.

Downloads total: 263 last week: 0

Body Mass Index 1.0

Shareware May 18, 2013 download

Body Mass Index is a relation of your weight to your height, which allows you to find out if you fall into underweight, normal, overweight, or obese category.

Downloads total: 255 last week: 1

Mihov Index Maker 1.50

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Mihov Index Maker is a program that creates a HTML file containing links to all the files in a given directory.

Downloads total: 369 last week: 0

RW - Read & Write 1.4.9

Freeware Oct 06, 2012 download

This utility access almost all the computer hardware, including PCI (PCI Express), PCI Index/Data, Memory, Memory Index/Data, I/O Space, I/O Index/Dat...

Downloads total: 996 last week: 0

EZ-FileIndex 2.02

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

In our modern Electronic-Age, there is a strong trend that our offices move to paperless. Regarding the huge amount of files we deal with every day, there is a strong need for an INDEX software which can help us to manage and access our daily files.

Downloads total: 282 last week: 0

Easy HHK 1.1

Freeware Jan 25, 2007 download

Easy HHK is a is an HTML Help development tool that generates an hhk index file that is used to compile a chm help file.

Downloads total: 1529 last week: 0

SearchAlyzer2 2.00

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

SearchAlyzer2 simultaneously queries the common search engines and then clusters, indexes, and sorts those search results.

Downloads total: 250 last week: 1

Hyper File Searcher 1.0

Demo Sep 02, 2006 download

What's Hyper File Searcher? There are tens thousands of files on your computer, how to find what you need? Do you get bored with the searching tools of your computer? Don't get around with these time-wasting stuffs.

Downloads total: 1069 last week: 0

Body Mass Index Calculator 1.1

Freeware Jul 26, 2004 download

BODY MASS INDEX (BMI) is a single number which expresses a relationship between height, body surface area, and body weight.

Downloads total: 3573 last week: 1

Index Server Companion 3.0

Commercial Oct 06, 2012 download

The Indexing Service Companion allows the Microsoft Windows Indexing Service to index content from remote websites (including those running Apache on Linux/Unix) and ODBC databases.

Downloads total: 293 last week: 1

CDCollector 1.0

Shareware Aug 23, 2007 download

CDCollector is a simple, fast and powerful CDROM cataloguer. It saves disk indexes in local files that you can browse and search without having the CDROMs in the drive.

Downloads total: 363 last week: 0

Single Source 1.11

Shareware Jun 17, 2004 download

Single Source is ideal for developing the user documentation for an application. You can use it to create paper, Windows help and HTML documentation from a single source.

Downloads total: 1734 last week: 0