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Pixel Ace 1.0.0

Freeware Jul 27, 2009 download

Pixel Ace is a powerful pixel ruler utility. Use it to measure the size of objects (in pixels) on your computer, including items behind the ruler.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Pixel Ads Script PHP - Pixel Advertising 2.0

Commercial Sep 25, 2007 download

Pixel Advertising is the term given to visual advertisements on the web which have their cost calculated dependent on the number of pixels which they occupy.

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Pixy Professional 6.2.0

Shareware Nov 14, 2012 download

Pixy Color is unlike some pixel colour reporting programs, simple to use, easy to understand pixel color reporting.

Downloads total: 1500 last week: 0

Pixel Ads for Website 1.0

Commercial Nov 30, 2005 download

Pixel Ads For Website can can place an image and link to your website and get more clicks and visitors for it on MillionPixelClick.

Downloads total: 1345 last week: 1

Pixel Port 1.1

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Pixel Port is a magnifier, an eight-way color picker, a ruler, and a protractor. All features reside on a single compact floating palette.

Downloads total: 521 last week: 0

Pixel Ruler 3.10

Freeware Jan 13, 2005 download

Pixel ruler is a virtual ruler to count pixels. Staying over your Windows applications, it will help you to know the exact size and position of any photo, document, icon, HTML element, etc.

Downloads total: 2293 last week: 0

16x16 Pixel Toolbar Icons 2013.1

Demo Jan 07, 2013 download

16x16 Pixel Toolbar Icons collection is a set of royalty-free icons specifically designed to breathe a new life into toolbar of any application.

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Webmaster's Toolkit 1.71

Shareware Feb 14, 2006 download

Webmaster's Toolkit - this is a software utility that allows you quickly measure the size of objects on the screen, picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen and alter or produce your own colors with the Photoshop-style Color Picker.

Downloads total: 1221 last week: 0

Pixel Editor 2.36

Shareware Jul 29, 2016 download

Pixel Editor is new software to work with images. It allows creation of pictures and buttons for websites and creation of original pictures for mobile phones.

Downloads total: 3990 last week: 0

Dead Pixel Tester 3.0

Freeware Oct 04, 2012 download

Dead Pixel Tester NEW VER 2.50 - TFT screens have thousands of pixels, on a 1024x768 monitor, there are three cells for each pixel - one each for red, green, and blue - which amounts to nearly 2.

Downloads total: 818 last week: 0

Yildun scanner 6.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

With Yildun scanner paint program you can change image bit per pixel, color adjustment, resizing a image, rotating, paint a image and more.

Downloads total: 356 last week: 0

Vectorial vista icons 1.0

Freeware Jul 28, 2008 download

This Great stock is the most complete work we have done at the moment, we proudly present this glossy, realistic stock with rounded shelfs, looking like 3D objects you can almost touch.

Downloads total: 286 last week: 0

Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Pixel Grease provides you with a quick way to resize and optimize digital pictures for uploading to web sites, attaching to email or importing into any kind of document which might benefit from reduced picture sizes.

Downloads total: 432 last week: 0

TurboVB Mini Apps 2.1

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

TurboVB Mini Apps is a set of four tools for programming. The Component Registering Tool allows you to quickly and easily register and unregister components from explorers right click menu.

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Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Pixel-Zip is a raster image compressor and decompressor designed specifically for the graphic arts and related markets with especially developed large file, 16-bit and native CMYK mode compression support with algorithms tailored at maximum colour and quality retention.

Downloads total: 434 last week: 0

Pixel-Zip Decompressor 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Pixel-Zip is a raster image compressor and decompressor designed specifically for the graphic arts and related markets with especially developed large file, 16-bit and native CMYK mode compression support with algorithms tailored at maximum colour and quality retention.

Downloads total: 764 last week: 0

Search Icons 2013.1

Demo Mar 11, 2013 download

All the icons from Search Icon Library are carefully created pixel by pixel by the hand of a professional artist.

Downloads total: 217 last week: 0

Zoommy 7.1

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

Zoommy is a handy and feature-rich on-screen magnifier, making life easy for visually impaired PC users and enhancing working abilities of design professionals.

Downloads total: 946 last week: 0

Pro Motion 6.5

Shareware Oct 05, 2012 download

Pro Motion is a bitmap editor and animation package, ideal for creating pixel precise animations, images or icons used in games or Flash applications especially for handheld systems like mobile phones,gameboy,PSP,PDA,Pocket PC and similar.

Downloads total: 415 last week: 0

PDFLayout Plus 1.0

Shareware Aug 24, 2007 download

PDFlayout Plus - A dll for your pdf-files... Royalty free! With this dll you can get all layout-properties (listed below) from pdf-files.

Downloads total: 281 last week: 0

XDepth Raw Converter 1.5

Freeware Apr 26, 2010 download

XDepth Raw Converter (XDRC) is a raw photo development and image processing software with integrated XDepth Raw and XDepth 48 image compression technologies.

Downloads total: 403 last week: 2

ColorPix 2.1.19

Freeware Jun 02, 2014 download

Color codes are show as the cursor is moved in the ColorPix window. A cursor click displays the color code in web Hex and decimal Red, Green, Blue, along with the color compliment.

Downloads total: 438 last week: 0

WhatColor 4.82e

Shareware Aug 23, 2016 download

WhatColor identifies a color of the pixel on the screen of your PC. There are some similar tools to display RGB values to assist making HTML used in authoring WWW pages.

Downloads total: 356 last week: 0

Mihov DPI to Pixel Calculator 2.0

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

When you resize an image you change the number of pixels. In computer world this is how it is done - there is no inches or centimetres.

Downloads total: 381 last week: 1

VMN Toolbox 4.0

Freeware Dec 12, 2006 download

VMN Toolbox is a lightweight application that provides you with handy utilities designed to make your life easier on the Web.

Downloads total: 1818 last week: 0

PictMatch 2.00

Shareware Sep 17, 2006 download

PictMatch is a picture comparator. This software detects matches (duplicated pictures) across different folders, by visual similarity (comparing brightness, hue and saturation pixel by pixel) within a configurable tolerance) or by exact byte-to-byte comparation (much faster but less useful).

Downloads total: 984 last week: 2

CCTV Design Lens Calculator 3.0

Freeware May 12, 2016 download

Advanced CCTV Lens Calculator for CCTV designers. It offers standard functions of Lens Calculators - calculation of the field-of-view size depending on the distance and the lens focal length as well as several new, more effective tools.

Downloads total: 271 last week: 1

True BoxShot 2.1

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

ith sub pixel accuracy rendering without fuzzy edges. It features customizable backgrounds that enable the integration of your soft box image in any picture.

Downloads total: 2891 last week: 0

xyExtract Graph Digitizer 5.1

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

The "xyExtract" software is used to extract data from a 2D graph (orthogonal and nonorthogonal axes) contained in a graphic file (scanned, PDF document or in a some file like gif, jpg, etc).

Downloads total: 5281 last week: 1