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Pixel Ace 1.0.0

Freeware Jul 27, 2009 download

Pixel Ace is a powerful pixel ruler utility. Use it to measure the size of objects (in pixels) on your computer, including items behind the ruler.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Pixy Professional 6.2.0

Shareware Nov 14, 2012 download

Pixy Color is unlike some pixel colour reporting programs, simple to use, easy to understand pixel color reporting.

Downloads total: 1336 last week: 1

Pixel Ads Script PHP - Pixel Advertising 2.0

Commercial Sep 25, 2007 download

Pixel Advertising is the term given to visual advertisements on the web which have their cost calculated dependent on the number of pixels which they occupy.

Downloads total: 369 last week: 1

Register Hot Key 1.1

Freeware Oct 06, 2012 download

Define a Key Combination as Hot Key Register Hot Key(s) & Launch Programs / Open File with with Hot Key The Program sits in System Tray Remove Hot Keys whenever not required A Free Windows Utility by RTMenu.

Downloads total: 473 last week: 3

Pixel Ads for Website 1.0

Commercial Nov 30, 2005 download

Pixel Ads For Website can can place an image and link to your website and get more clicks and visitors for it on MillionPixelClick.

Downloads total: 1228 last week: 0

OregonHotSprings.Immunenet.Com 1.0

Freeware Dec 30, 2006 download

Hot Springs of Oregon is a complete listing of the various hot springs in the state. Each page details whether the hot spring is in a resort, rustic, rural, or remote location.

Downloads total: 957 last week: 1

Pixel Port 1.1

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Pixel Port is a magnifier, an eight-way color picker, a ruler, and a protractor. All features reside on a single compact floating palette.

Downloads total: 434 last week: 1

Pixel Ruler 3.10

Freeware Jan 13, 2005 download

Pixel ruler is a virtual ruler to count pixels. Staying over your Windows applications, it will help you to know the exact size and position of any photo, document, icon, HTML element, etc.

Downloads total: 2125 last week: 1

FlameOut 1.00

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

"Hot" and "dead" pixels are spoiling your digital photographs. FlameOut analyzes your camera's bad pixel pattern, then uses it to fix your photographs automatically, without manual intervention.

Downloads total: 212 last week: 1

Hot Celebrity ScreenSaver 1.00

Freeware Aug 15, 2007 download

Download screensaver with your favorite celebrities now to your desktop. They're sexy, they're beautiful, they're famous, they're just plain hot, and they're all in this Hot Celebrities screensaver.

Downloads total: 887 last week: 3

Free Hot Football Screensaver 1.0

Freeware Aug 19, 2006 download

Summer 2006 is really hot in Germany. You cannot miss it. Download this Free Hot Football Screensaver and root for your favourite team right from your desktop.

Downloads total: 920 last week: 0

Hot Corners 2.4

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Hot Corners lets you quickly activate or disable your screen saver by moving the mouse into any corner of the screen that you set.

Downloads total: 308 last week: 1

Webmaster's Toolkit 1.71

Shareware Feb 14, 2006 download

Webmaster's Toolkit - this is a software utility that allows you quickly measure the size of objects on the screen, picking the colour value from any pixel of the screen and alter or produce your own colors with the Photoshop-style Color Picker.

Downloads total: 1061 last week: 1

16x16 Pixel Toolbar Icons 2013.1

Demo Jan 07, 2013 download

16x16 Pixel Toolbar Icons collection is a set of royalty-free icons specifically designed to breathe a new life into toolbar of any application.

Downloads total: 210 last week: 1

Icon sets - Realistic 3D 1.0

Freeware Jan 28, 2010 download

This great style is one of the most complete work among icon collections. Icons in this style are glossy, realistic with rounded shelfs, looking like 3D objects you can almost touch.

Downloads total: 98 last week: 1

Hot Ice 2.51

Shareware Oct 04, 2012 download

Hot Ice displays dazzling animated crystalline snowflakes with rich beautiful colors, pulsating light, and dramatic super high resolution images that scale to your monitor's size and resolution.

Downloads total: 204 last week: 1

Best Hot Game Cheater (Cheats with hot game girls) 1.0

Freeware Dec 20, 2005 download

Hot Game Cheater is a best sexiest game cheating utility with shots of hot games girls. It has a biggest database of thousands of up-to-date Games Cheats, Games Walkthroughs and Games Music.

Downloads total: 7295 last week: 3

Pixel Editor 2.34

Shareware Apr 13, 2015 download

Pixel Editor is new software to work with images. It allows creation of pictures and buttons for websites and creation of original pictures for mobile phones.

Downloads total: 3837 last week: 1

Hot Key Spell Checker 1

Shareware Jan 06, 2007 download

When chatting on IM (Instant Messengers), when chatting in your favorite online game, wherever a spell checker didnât exist before,It does now! Thanks to Hot Key Spell Checker.

Downloads total: 1274 last week: 1

Vectorial vista icons 1.0

Freeware Jul 28, 2008 download

This Great stock is the most complete work we have done at the moment, we proudly present this glossy, realistic stock with rounded shelfs, looking like 3D objects you can almost touch.

Downloads total: 191 last week: 2

Yildun scanner 6.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

With Yildun scanner paint program you can change image bit per pixel, color adjustment, resizing a image, rotating, paint a image and more.

Downloads total: 229 last week: 1

Dead Pixel Tester 3.0

Freeware Oct 04, 2012 download

Dead Pixel Tester NEW VER 2.50 - TFT screens have thousands of pixels, on a 1024x768 monitor, there are three cells for each pixel - one each for red, green, and blue - which amounts to nearly 2.

Downloads total: 644 last week: 2

Food Icon Library 3.8

Demo Mar 21, 2013 download

Food Icon Library is a collection of royalty-free stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including software applications, websites, blogs, and presentations.

Downloads total: 513 last week: 1

Sphere screensaver 1.0

Shareware Apr 12, 2006 download

In this screen saver you can see real thermodynamically gas model. Show each molecule in close space, you can see process of condensation and free Brawn-like moves.

Downloads total: 2095 last week: 1

Pixel Grease - Easy Image Editor 2.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Pixel Grease provides you with a quick way to resize and optimize digital pictures for uploading to web sites, attaching to email or importing into any kind of document which might benefit from reduced picture sizes.

Downloads total: 311 last week: 1

Hot Air Balloons Screen Saver 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Up! Up! And Away! Soar through the skies in our beautifully sculptured hot air balloons screensaver!

Downloads total: 245 last week: 1

TurboVB Mini Apps 2.1

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

TurboVB Mini Apps is a set of four tools for programming. The Component Registering Tool allows you to quickly and easily register and unregister components from explorers right click menu.

Downloads total: 262 last week: 14

Hot CopyPaste 7.3

Shareware Apr 21, 2015 download

Enhance Windows Clipboard with multiple snippets, secure storage and full-text search. Hot Copy Paste works in every program supporting Windows Clipboard, and works in many that don't.

Downloads total: 152 last week: 1

Cactus Cash Slots / Pokies 5.31

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Cactus Cash is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot machine game with a Mexican theme. It works just like a real slot machine game.

Downloads total: 395 last week: 1