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Time Sheriff 2.0

Shareware Jul 07, 2009 download

Time Sheriff is smart computer time limit software to control and manage online time for kids or for self-discipline.

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Shareware Jun 25, 2013 download

If you are concerned your child may be spending too much time online or playing games -- or you don't want him/her to use your PC when you're either asleep or away from home -- this type of software offers a solution.

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PC-Time Manager 1.2.2

Shareware Jul 06, 2006 download

PC-Time Manager is considered a parental control software that limits computer time. If your children are spending a lot of time chatting on the inter...

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3C Texas Holdem Poker 7.1

Shareware May 08, 2012 download

Play most popular poker game called Texas Holdem (No Limit, Limit, Pot Limit). Take a part in tournaments.

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QualityTime 4.08

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

Quality Time parental control software solves all of those arguments about computer usage in the home.

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KidsWatch Time Control 3.0

Commercial Sep 24, 2007 download

KidsWatch Time Control is one of America's leading Parental Control Software packages that allows you to limit and control the time your children spend on the computer, access the Internet or play games.

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Spotdoggy Parental Control Software 2010

Shareware Oct 22, 2009 download

Spotdoggy Parental Control Software 2010 keeps kids safe online and keep them have a good internet habit.

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PRT Database Control Engine 1.0.1

Freeware Nov 08, 2009 download

Easily collect time series and automatically store in database. Import, Export.. Collect Time Series Data from any Broker and store it permanently in a MSSQL Database.

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GhostlyEye 1.0

Shareware Apr 18, 2005 download

GhostlyEye is a new type of "screen grabber": it is a utility to take snapshots of your full windows desktop screen, while remaining out of sight for your computer system's momentarily user.

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Crazy Taxi 1.6.1

Freeware Jan 29, 2013 download

Grab your wheel, tear through the highway and taste the excitement of unlimited speed as you aboard the Wild Wild Taxi! In this game, your goal is to reach the target distance within the given time limit.

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Squarez puzzle 1.00

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

The object of this puzzle arcade game is to group like shapes into squares. There is a time limit so be quick.

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TK ChildLock! 1.0

Shareware Aug 27, 2007 download

With ChildLock! you can limit an user's log on or log off times. Define when users can log on to your PC.

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Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

PrintSniffer is a software that allow system administrator to monitor and control printing in their corporate network.

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Fx MPEG Writer 9.7.24

Demo Sep 24, 2007 download

Convert AVI, MPEG, ASF and WMV files to MPEG-1or MPEG-2 with VCD, Super VCD or DVD extensions. The free demo version supports only MPEG-1 output but has no time limit.

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PST Conversion 2.6

Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

Convert PST software designed to convert MS Outlook 2000 to MS Outlook 2000 to MS Outlook 2003 file format.

Downloads total: 224 last week: 1

SysTools PST Upgrade 2.0

Shareware Dec 28, 2008 download

Need to convert Outlook ANSI PST to Outlook Unicode PST file?We are here to solve your such types of problem.

Downloads total: 263 last week: 1

Funny Gems 2.0

Freeware Jan 11, 2008 download

Destroy gems to create rows of three in this original and addictive puzzle game with calm pleasant music.

Downloads total: 828 last week: 1

Convert Outlook 2000 to Outlook 2003 3.0

Shareware May 28, 2009 download

Convert ANSI PST to UNICODE PST and UNICODE PST to ANSI PST by using SysTools PST Upgrade Tool. If there is a need of conversion of UNICODE PST to ANSI PST or vice versa.

Downloads total: 414 last week: 0

Month Limit 1.23

Freeware Sep 30, 2012 download

Controlling Monthly Plans This program will help those people who stick to monthly plans. Example 1.

Downloads total: 1428 last week: 1

MiaRec 2.6.109

Shareware Jun 04, 2008 download

MiaRec is a software for recording your conversations in any of Voip protocols (H.323, SIP, MGCP, Cisco SCCP).

Downloads total: 1081 last week: 0

CIUX Mobile IMEI Unlocker 1.1

Freeware Dec 15, 2014 download

When You need to change GSM network provider, and your IPHONE is locked to that present network, You can not do that.

Downloads total: 1116 last week: 0

RapidSP Day Trading Simulator

Shareware Jul 20, 2013 download

RapidSP is a powerful yet easy to learn day trading simulator that can be used for realistic tick-by-tick paper trading of stocks, futures and currencies.

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SSH Tunnel 4.2

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

SSH Tunnel is a powerful encryption and tunneling program that supports SSH1 and SSH2. It has a very flexible port forward system that allows for the...

Downloads total: 409 last week: 0

Crazy Eggs

Shareware Oct 02, 2012 download

Crazy Eggs is a puzzle game that fun for your whole family. Start your adventure on the floating Dinosaur Island where you will help a tyrannosaurus collect lost eggs.

Downloads total: 546 last week: 0

Crazy Eggs MAC

Shareware Oct 04, 2012 download

Crazy Eggs is a puzzle game that fun for your whole family. Start your adventure on the floating Dinosaur Island where you will help a tyrannosaurus collect lost eggs.

Downloads total: 622 last week: 0

SmarterStats 3.x

Freeware Aug 28, 2007 download

Improve your web site through extensive statistic reporting. FREE version includes visitor tracking, geographics, and over 135 reports! Works through a web browser so you can get your web site statistics from anywhere! Log analyzer for IIS, Apache and more.

Downloads total: 439 last week: 1

Postman Professional 9

Shareware Oct 05, 2012 download

Whether you want to send ten or millions of emails, HTML or text, with or without attachments, our Postman manages this for you.

Downloads total: 279 last week: 0

MindSalt Time & Expense 2.7

Shareware May 21, 2007 download

MindSalt Time & Expense is a 100% Web-based application that allows you and your employees to access your timesheets and expenses from anywhere in the world.

Downloads total: 617 last week: 0

Animal Park 1.0

Freeware Feb 14, 2010 download

Animal Park is an interesting puzzle game for free. Swap fuzzy beasties and collect the animal prizes! Clear all wooden and brick tiles before time's up! Click two animal tiles with the mouse to swap them to create a column or row of three or more of the same.

Downloads total: 247 last week: 1