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Free Ringtones 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Free Ringtones brings you the latest mobile content. You can download free ringtones (MP3 Ringtones, music ringtones, Polyphonic tones, Realtones, RTTTL and mono ring tones), games, wallpapers, screensavers, videos and more content for your phone.

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Network Caller ID 1.2.7615

Shareware Feb 23, 2015 download

Monitor modem for caller ID information, and broadcast it over your network. Prohram has build-in phone book, caller log.

Downloads total: 426 last week: 4

S.O.B. Caller ID Generator 1.9.2

Shareware Aug 10, 2007 download

SOB - The First Practical Caller ID Generator for Windows! This tool generates several flavours of North American Caller ID, allowing you to hear what Caller ID sounds like or even, under certain circumstances, to place arbitrary messages in Caller ID Display Devices.

Downloads total: 582 last week: 0

Audio Caller ID 4.1

Shareware Dec 03, 2014 download

Audio Caller ID keeps you in control of all your incoming phone calls. Audio Caller ID is very easy to use.

Downloads total: 3469 last week: 0

Call411 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Call411 is a free and simple to use Call Display application. It features automatic caller's number and name identification, customizable ringtones, and speech call announce with talking Caller ID.

Downloads total: 288 last week: 1

Polyphonic ringtones 1.0.6

Freeware Aug 17, 2007 download

polyphonic mobile midi ringtones ring sounds ring tones java phone games mobile wallpaper color grap...

Downloads total: 2450 last week: 1

Picture Caller ID 2.0.1

Shareware Jun 19, 2006 download

Picture Caller ID identifies callers before you answer the phone. Call Blocking enables effective telemarketer call block by cutting off black-listed numbers, such as the numbers that are blocked, out-of-area, or unidentified.

Downloads total: 2062 last week: 1

WhoCalls 2.1.2

Shareware Oct 05, 2012 download

WhoCalls will use your modem to detect the CallerID of a calling party. Caller ID (caller identification or CID, and more properly calling number ide...

Downloads total: 216 last week: 1

Caller ID ActiveX (OCX) 2.0.1

Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

Caller ID ActiveX 2.0.1 is an OCX control for software developers that can be use to get the caller id information from an incoming call, using TAPI and 56k modem.

Downloads total: 296 last week: 1

One Click Ringtones 1.01

Freeware Jun 15, 2006 download

Turn all your MP3's into ringtones...with a single click! OneClickRingtones searches your computer for MP3 files and displays them letting you select which files you want to convert to MP3 ringtones.

Downloads total: 1470 last week: 1

Free Ringtone CD Ripper 1.01

Freeware Jun 15, 2006 download

Turn any CD into free ringtones. Simply load CD and click a button. Open the software. Insert the CD you wish to rip into ringtones, select a single track.

Downloads total: 3062 last week: 1

Free MP3 Ringtone Maker 1.00

Freeware Jun 13, 2009 download

With Free MP3 Ringtone Maker, it's a snap to create great sounding ringtones with tracks from your own music library.

Downloads total: 239 last week: 1

Telemarketing Blocker 4.0.0

Freeware Oct 05, 2012 download

Telemarketing Blocker is free Caller ID screen software that retrieves caller's telephone number using your voice modem (you must have subscribed Caller ID feature from your TeleCom.

Downloads total: 309 last week: 1

PhoneTray Free 3.0

Shareware Feb 10, 2013 download

PhoneTray is an easy to use Caller ID software. It shows and speaks the callers name and number before you answer the phone.

Downloads total: 1350 last week: 0

Be a Ringtone DJ and Mix Multiple MP3s 1.01

Freeware Jun 15, 2006 download

Be a Ringtone DJ. Make cool free ringtones by mixing your MP3's, like a DJ. Make your phone unique.

Downloads total: 3067 last week: 1
icon ringtones composer 24.0

Freeware Sep 16, 2014 download

Download your own ringtones by simply playing any song using the virtual piano. Also available a huge variety of real tone mp3 songs, m4r songs, midi songs are available for downlond in your mobile.

Downloads total: 444 last week: 2

Ringtones 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Ringtones Real Tones Voice Ringers Sound Ringers Mobile Phone Java Games Mobile Wallpaper - No Subscription - Our Ringtones Do Not Expire.

Downloads total: 455 last week: 0

ISDN-Monitor 4.5.5

Freeware Mar 10, 2014 download

ISDN lines became generally accepted for two reasons as the standard for fixed line connections. First of all, you can use the telephone and internet at once.

Downloads total: 228 last week: 0

H323 Caller 1.0

Freeware Jan 21, 2009 download

H323 Caller is given a gateway IP address, calling and called party number, codec and a text to be displayed on the targeted phone (if supported).

Downloads total: 122 last week: 1

Easy Ringtone Editor for Free Ringtones 1.01

Freeware Jun 16, 2006 download

RingtoneEditor lets you edit your existing MP3 ringtones to your exact liking. You can import your newly created MP3 ringtones or select a CD track and select the exact location and length of the final ringtone before uploading to your phone.

Downloads total: 14323 last week: 1

Caller ID Events 1.1

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

Caller ID Events 1.1 is a software that will tell you who the caller is - by name, by number, by picture, by sound and even by voice.

Downloads total: 1997 last week: 2

CIDMage 1.4.2

Commercial Aug 10, 2007 download

CIDMage is the first commercially-available all-software solution to the problem of generating your own custom Caller ID signals! There are lots of ha...

Downloads total: 297 last week: 0

My Ringading 1.0

Shareware Oct 16, 2005 download

Are you tired of the limited selection of ringtones on your cell phone? With My Ringading, you can create truly unique ringtones that stand out in the crowd.

Downloads total: 1363 last week: 1

Ascendis Caller ID

Commercial Sep 30, 2012 download

Ascendis Caller ID works with your telephone company's caller id service to track and announce phone calls and block annoying telemarketers! Each cal...

Downloads total: 4221 last week: 0

Phone Calls Filter 1.1

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

Are you bothered with unwanted phone calls ? not anymore ! just set filters for incoming phone calls.

Downloads total: 2087 last week: 0

IdentaFone Pro 2.42

Shareware Jul 18, 2002 download

IdentaFone is a caller identification system that monitors the phone line for incoming calls and offers many ways to keep you informed about your caller's identity.

Downloads total: 2011 last week: 0

Free Ringtones Using Voices and Sounds 1.01

Freeware Jun 16, 2006 download

Voice2Ringtone lets you use your own voice recording as a ringtone. Use your sound enabled computer with a microphone to capture yourself or surrounding sounds.

Downloads total: 1315 last week: 1

Ringhero 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Ringhero generates personal ringtones in just 3 quick steps. Ringhero supports AMR, MMF as well as MP3 ringtone formats.

Downloads total: 779 last week: 1

Cool RingTone Maker 1.1.0

Shareware Nov 04, 2008 download

Cool RingTone Maker is a windows desktop application let you make your own ringtones for cellphone or cut music to pieces.

Downloads total: 610 last week: 2