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Event Log Analyzer 12.10.01

Freeware Oct 31, 2012 download

Lepide event log analyzer is an efficient tool that can easily manage event logs as well as analyze various network security and system health related issues.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Log Management Software 11.01.01

Shareware Sep 08, 2011 download

Looking for the best possible way to manage event logs then use this Lepide Event Log Management utility that can make windows event log management simple and easy task.

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Lepide Event Log Manager 12.10.01

Freeware Oct 29, 2012 download

Lepide event log manager is a comprehensive event log management solution for event log archiving, consolidation, browsing, monitoring and reporting.

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Event Log Viewer 11.01.01

Shareware Aug 19, 2011 download

Event logs are generated in systems running on Windows OS version NT, 2000 and XP. The logs generated are about application events, security events and system events.

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Event Organizer Deluxe 4.21

Shareware Oct 17, 2013 download

Event Organizer Deluxe is a flexible event management software for Windows users. For any organization that would like to organize and manage event related information.

Downloads total: 259 last week: 1

Monitor Event Logs 12.10.01

Freeware Oct 31, 2012 download

Lepide Event Log Manager- a comprehensive solution to monitor and manage event logs that makes the event log archiving, consolidation, monitoring, browsing and reporting simple and flawless.

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Event Log Watchdog 3.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Event Log Watchdog monitor's your Windows Event Logs and notifies you via Email or Syslog when a new event is logged.

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Event Analyst 1.4.66

Commercial Jul 07, 2002 download

Event Analyst is more than just an event log entry viewer; it is an administrator's looking glass into the health of their network.

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CyberMatrix Reminder 1.00

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

CyberMatrix Reminder is a freeware event scheduler and event reminder. This software program allows you to enter upcoming events that you need to be reminded of.

Downloads total: 277 last week: 2

MyEventViewer 2.12

Freeware Jun 24, 2014 download

MyEventViewer is a simple alternative to the standard event viewer of Windows. As oppose to Windows event viewer, MyEventViewer allows you to watch multiple event logs in one list, as well as the event description and data are displayed in the main window, instead of opening a new one.

Downloads total: 234 last week: 1

Event Log Explorer 4.2

Shareware Oct 09, 2013 download

Event log analysis of Windows event logs is a vital task for any system administrator. The standard Windows Event Log Viewer has limited facilities, and doesn't allow you to perform effective event log analysis.

Downloads total: 1906 last week: 0

TheOne WinEvent Logger Lite 1.0.0

Shareware May 18, 2008 download

WinEvent Logger Pro is being as a Windows event logger server in order to retrieve Windows event log messages from local or remote Windows machines through WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).

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WinAgents EventLog Translation Service

Shareware Dec 20, 2013 download

WinAgents EventLog Translation Service is a server that monitors the Windows event logs and forwards the events for further processing.

Downloads total: 275 last week: 0

SystemAnalyzer 3.2

Demo Oct 22, 2005 download

System, Security, Application, Directory Service, DNS Server, File Replication, Print Server, ISA Server, Exchange Server, SQL Server, and IIS server event analysis Security is becoming an increasingly important part of everyday life, especially in computer system environments.

Downloads total: 1644 last week: 0

TheOne WinEvent Logger Pro 1.0.0

Shareware May 18, 2008 download

WinEvent Logger Pro is being as a Windows event logger server in order to retrieve Windows event log messages from local or remote Windows machines through WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation).

Downloads total: 164 last week: 1

EventReporter 8.0

Demo Aug 27, 2007 download

Automatically monitor your Windows NT/2000/XP event logs. Detect security compromises and hard- or software failures before they hurt.

Downloads total: 266 last week: 1

Random Event Sounds XP 5.0

Shareware Aug 28, 2007 download

Random Event Sounds resides in the sys tray and will randomize the sounds associated with common system events like close program, minimize, maximize, start windows, etc.

Downloads total: 313 last week: 0

SpaceBooker 2.2

Shareware Mar 10, 2009 download

SpaceBooker Event and Property Management System (PMS) is a powerful guest, company and booker data index.

Downloads total: 102 last week: 1

Online Flash Event Manager 1.5

Commercial Sep 25, 2007 download

You?ll get a chance to organize representation of feature seminars, upcoming events, web archives and other data collections.

Downloads total: 201 last week: 0

Primatte Event for Aperture (Mac) 5.1

Demo Feb 24, 2012 download

Primatte Event is the perfect choice for photographers who work in high volume or live environments, and often process thousands of greenscreen images for events, little league and school portraits.

Downloads total: 113 last week: 0

Church Edge Management 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Get the edge on church management with this Church Management System that your staff and volunteers have been waiting for.

Downloads total: 426 last week: 1

EventTracker 4.6.7

Demo Sep 24, 2007 download

EventTracker manages event log of Windows NT/2000 workstations and server at central location. It displays all the events in real time and logs events into a database.

Downloads total: 316 last week: 2

Event Log Manager

Commercial Sep 25, 2007 download

The program Event Log Manager is intended for management of Event Logs of Windows (NT etc.). After installation Windows journals System, Security and Application at once are created.

Downloads total: 233 last week: 1

GFI LANguard Security Event Log Monitor 5

Shareware Sep 27, 2005 download

LANguard Security Event Log Monitor is a network wide event log monitor that retrieves logs from all NT/2000 servers and workstations and immediately alerts the administrator of possible intrusions for immediate host based intrusion detection.

Downloads total: 1638 last week: 0

Member Organizer Pro 3.02

Shareware Aug 30, 2013 download

Member Organizer Pro is a flexible member management software for Windows users. Member Organizer Pro is a flexible database management software with ready to use member management solutions.

Downloads total: 561 last week: 1

Corner Bowl Log Manager

Shareware Oct 27, 2010 download

Corner Bowl Log Manager is a network-wide Event Log, syslog and application log management tool that enables Systems Administrators to automate log monitoring, consolidation and archiving requirements set forth by management and regulatory agencies.

Downloads total: 177 last week: 1

Event Scheduler - Developer Component 1.0

Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Event Scheduler is a set of VCL and ActiveX components that allow developers to add powerful scheduling capabilities to their software products.

Downloads total: 372 last week: 2

WMI Explorer 1.16

Freeware May 13, 2014 download

WMI is an acronym for Windows Management Instrumentation. WMI is the Microsoft's implementation of Web-Based Enterprise Management (WBEM) - a new management technology that allows software to monitor and control managed resources throughout the network.

Downloads total: 705 last week: 0

Star Event Log Agent Free Suite 3.5.1

Freeware Sep 03, 2008 download

Star Event Log Agent can convert window event log to syslog message. It will forward syslog message to centralized syslog server or daemon.

Downloads total: 87 last week: 2