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License: freeware
Updated at: 10 May 2007 update
Platform: Windows
Size: 8.42 MB
Editor's review: Not yet reviewed
Publisher: Michael Tsukerman | More...
Downloads: 0/83,296

Bearshare description

BearShare is a powerful peer-to-peer file-sharing program that lets you find, download, share, and publish audio and video files. An ever-growing community of millions of registered users ensures quick location and download of virtually any type of file available on the P2P network. With the power of the BearShare network you can listen to and download songs that are 100% legal. Our service is endorsed by the key players in the Music Industry. BearShare allows you to explore and experience the power of the BearShare network where you can access millions of songs and a great music community instantaneously. This new version 6 features instant connections, a powerful search engine, and great tools to share and experience music including, Genre based playlists, unique compilations and great mood music.

This version includes:

  • 100% clean install, no bundled software.
  • Brand new interface.
  • Fastest downloads, ever.
  • Instant "search suggest" technology.
  • Parental controls block access to offensive files.
  • Automatic Virus protection.
  • Full featured media player with smart organization feature.
  • The easiest BearShare ever, with all new BUBBLES that hint at cool things you can do.
  • Instant searches across the entire BearShare network.

Editor's review
What is BearShare? No it does not have anything to do with sharing a Bear, it is a Peer-to-peer file Sharing program. With BearShare you can get Music Files, Videos and more for free or little cost.


One very Big Pro is that BearShare is Free to download and use; another pro is that it is designed to run on Windows XP and uses Windows Media Player 9. It is only 7.8 MB in size with over 27,000,000 downloads, which if you know anything about Peer-to-Peer Networks then you know the more users the better, probably making it the biggest Pro of all.

Another pro to BearShare is that it connects instantly, a powerful search engine along with the play list being genre sorted. There are some other great Pros to BearShare such as lightening fast downloads, advanced searching, resume downloading, chatting with other while you and they download, parental controls and being able to preview your files. Some say that when it comes to a Free Peer-to-Peer program you cannot get any better than BearShare.


There are some serious cons to BearShare such as someone can see what files you and your friends share. Another Con is that more times than not you have to pay for certain downloads. A Media Manager that arranges your computers media files. One other major downside to any free Peer-to-Peer networks is if you have Dialup then you can expect to spend quite a while downloading unless you are prepared to get the paid version which has the Download Accelerator inside. Many of the files you download cannot be burned onto a disk and often require a license to even listen to them.


I guess to sum this entire thing up, if you are looking for a free Peer-to-Peer program and do not mind having to pay for some of the files, or that if you have dialup you are going to be downloading for quite a while then BearShare is for you. Remember this is my own personal opinion and as such I give BearShare 7 out of ten for effort.

BearShare is licensed as freeware. Follow the link bellow and free download BearShare.

BearShare download notice »

It is not legal to make use of cracks, patches, pirate registration codes or serial numbers, key generators, and other similar tools that interfere with future developments of the software, while it is not safe nor allowed to obtain BearShare 6.1 from file sharing websites such as MegaUpload, Rapidshare or YouSendIt. Using these methods to eliminate the need to obtain a genuine license for BearShare 6.1 could put your computer and activity at risk by infecting the system with viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans, dialers and adware, distroying its stability and stealing your personal information, as well as propagating through the network to take control of other computers. In such cases, you won't be able to use your computer, not even BearShare, anymore.

You can find and use free legal download links for BearShare 6.1 on Download3000 and on the official website of the publisher.

BearShare user reviews »

  • Neil Bachers May 23, 2007 at 21:25

    I bought a song on BearShare. When I tried to play the song, it says "Loading License" and the song won't play. I bought and downloaded another song. That song has downloaded 100% and then it says "Finalizing." I left my computer on all night so it can finalize. It still says finalizing and I can't play it. I have done all the solutions recommended by tech support: I have checked Windows Media Player 10 and there is no update needed. I have downloaded & installed the latest version of BearShare. I have signed out, signed back in, deleted the song, and re-downloaded it. I have done this over and over again. Still no play, and still no license. I have been to Live Support over and over again. No one can help me. I have tried downloading the song with my Windows Firewall turned off. That didn't help. I tried to buy music on BearShare. When I tried to click the PayPal button to arrange to pay for music through PayPal, I kept getting a message saying, "Sorry, unable to connect to PayPal." When I spoke to Live Support, they told me to use the BearShare payment method instead. I declined. Several weeks later, I tried to buy another song. Still no PayPal access. This time, I broke down to Live Support's advice and gave BearShare my credit card info. They have taken money in payment for music that I am unable to play, and they can't give me a solution. Why do they offer a PayPal button if they are unable to process through PayPal? Hours of wasted time and frustration. I am very suspicious of a site that has a PayPal button and insists that you give them your credit card information instead. I am very suspicious of a site that takes my money but fails to deliver music I can play, and can't give me a remedy to make it workable.

  • jwade Jun 13, 2007 at 04:08

    Bearshare used to be a pretty good site with no problems. I used paypal to pay the monthly subscription. Yeah, some you have to pay extra for.. But still the majority of song were included with the subscription. Just about a month ago every song I downloaded required a license. The license wouldn't download so I couldn't play the song. I looked up on Bearshare the remedy and followed the instructions with media player and service packs. I even reinstalled bearshare. Nothing is working. I will be canceling my service with bearshare. People - don't bother with bearshare, they are going downhill and you pay for a service you aren't getting anymore. I rate bearshare pretty low now and will go with another pay service.

  • JENNIFER GOMEZ Jun 21, 2007 at 23:24

    im so glad i read the reviews before i reinstalled bearshare. i thought it was just, my luck getting screwed by them, but now i see we all are. those other reviews, that were good, sounded so made up too! they have been charging me for the past three months now, with no music! why havent i cancelled you ask, because trying to speak to anyone by phone is impossible. so one day when its my lucky day, somebody in bearshare land, will answer the blasted phone and ill be able get my money back! i have been so frustrated and angry with bearshare, its an absolute scam and a fraud! i will tell everyone i know about how much you guys suck!

  • maria Sep 18, 2007 at 20:36

    its kinda hard to find the music i like. ill type the name of the artist or the name of the song and it still wont come up...

  • raul Jun 03, 2007 at 07:40

    music coz i want to listen music and i want to download it

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