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EMCO Monitor Live Connectivity 1.0

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

EMCO Monitor Live Connectivity is a Windows based software that makes it easy and affordable to detect network and server failures, send alerts if a certain host are down.

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Freeware Jul 19, 2017 download

KonaKart is a java-based enterprise eCommerce / shopping cart application that provides everything that retailers need to sell their products over the Internet.

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PACS Health Monitor 1.00

Commercial Jun 29, 2010 download

Query Product ID at One of the fundamental jobs of a PACS administrator is networking monitoring.

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newObjects Active Label Browser 1.0

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Light weigth barcode label design, organizing, browsing, and printing application. It supports not only barcodes but also the most frequently used elements for label design in inventory, warehouse and office environments.

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LAN on Internet 1.0

Freeware Nov 04, 2008 download

LAN on Internet is a transparent peer to peer connectivity software which makes your network applications like RDP,Net Meeting,Network Gaming applications etc to feel as if they are in the same network over internet.

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OBEX Commander 1.9.2

Freeware Nov 08, 2007 download

OBEX Commander allows you to transfer files between computers or between a computer and another OBEX capable devices, such as PDA or mobile phone, via infrared, bluetooth or connectivity cable.

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CFMMaker 1.0

Shareware Jun 16, 2004 download

CFMMaker is a powerful yet easy-to-use code generator that creates a full set of CFM (ColdFusion templates) quickly from your Data Source.

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Switch Center Workgroup 3.7

Shareware May 18, 2017 download

Switch Center is network management and monitoring software for managed switches, routers and hubs from any vendor supporting SNMP BRIDGE-MIB that helps to discover, monitor, mapping and analyzing networks topology, connectivity and performance.

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Genius Connect - Calendar

Shareware Jul 04, 2017 download

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you can't see and use appointments information stored in your database while working in Outlook or Exch...

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Website Uptime Monitoring Tool

Shareware Jun 30, 2008 download

Website monitor software provides 24 hours supervision over your websites and continuously keep track of detected errors like host not found, page cannot be displayed, server not found, low connectivity, connection failed, low bandwidth etc.

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LogMeIn Hamachi

Freeware Apr 16, 2012 download

LogMeIn Hamachi is a hosted VPN service that securely connects devices and networks, extending LAN-like network connectivity to mobile users, distributed teams and business applications.

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Luxena Informix Data Access Components 2.6.3

Shareware Feb 08, 2006 download

Luxena Informix Data Access Components highlights This component set provides interaction between VCL (Delphi/C++Builder) based applications and Informix database server.

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Kingsoft Internet Security 09 Plus 2009.06.18.16

Demo Aug 26, 2009 download

KIS9 is Kingsoft Research's most advanced antivirus and security software specifically designed for always on Internet connectivity with a whole host ...

Downloads total: 166 last week: 1

Mobile Phone Investigator

Shareware Dec 21, 2007 download

Mobile phone investigation utility explores complete cell phone related information including capacity status (contact name, phone number), memory status, text messages (SMS) status, currant address, saved records, hidden assets, Phone Records.

Downloads total: 434 last week: 0

Twilight Utilities Phone and Web Server

Shareware Jun 23, 2006 download

This unique collection of utilities provides unprecedented connectivity. A phone server to let you control your telephone from the Internet.

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Domain Uptime Monitor

Shareware Oct 02, 2008 download

Multithread website monitoring software monitors and detects availability of websites round the clock so that visitors and customers can access website easily.

Downloads total: 94 last week: 0

Genius Connect

Shareware Jul 04, 2017 download

Have you ever been frustrated by the fact that you can't see and use vital information stored in your database while working in Outlook or Exchange? ...

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Winpopup NET messenger 1.304

Freeware Feb 19, 2013 download

You do not need to have Internet connectivity to use this feature. WinPopup NET Messenger is a network messaging program ( LAN CHAT ) for Windows, that will allow you to send LAN messages from one computer to another on the same network.

Downloads total: 3393 last week: 2

AirStop Wireless 2.4.3

Commercial Jun 15, 2010 download

The AirStop Wireless client controls wireless access on laptop computers. forcing connection to authorized networks only.

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dbExpress driver for SQL Server 6.3

Shareware Dec 24, 2013 download

dbExpress is a database-independent layer that defines common interface to provide fast access and high performance database connectivity to SQL Server from Delphi and C++Builder on Windows for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms.

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Trace Mobile 2.0

Freeware Jun 06, 2013 download

Track mobile number for its network, services, and zone where it is working. A desktop application to trace location and network just searching by the cell number.

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Net Send GUI-Enterprise Messaging System

Shareware Oct 23, 2009 download

Net Send GUI - Enterprise Messaging System - Smart-X . sends rich text pop up messages to selected users, groups and computer accounts in your organization! Tracks which users received / approved the message.

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IDAutomation Check Printing Software 2010

Shareware Jun 09, 2010 download

Easily design, create and print business bank checks with the IDAutomation MICR Check Printing Software.

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WebPod Studio Professional 1.34

Commercial May 27, 2013 download

WebPod Studio is the world's leading podcasting software that produces both audio and video PodCasts.

Downloads total: 556 last week: 1

Enterprise Java Application Server 2.1

Commercial Sep 24, 2007 download

Enterprise Java Application Server (EJAS) technology is a framework for developing and executing Distributed Applications.

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Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

PingGraph helps find and diagnose network problems by graphing ping times and and estimated bandwidth available on multiple connections.

Downloads total: 382 last week: 0

Easy2share 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Have you ever had problems sharing information in files or folders between different computers? Or maybe more appropriately, have you ever been able t...

Downloads total: 437 last week: 0

MultiPing 2.20.1

Demo Apr 30, 2014 download

See the network, pinpoint the problem. MultiPing is an application built for graphically monitoring one or more TCP/IP hosts, while providing detailed historical insight about the data collected.

Downloads total: 5048 last week: 0

Netrouser Professional Edition 1.0

Demo Feb 25, 2004 download

Netrouser is a powerful Wake On LAN manager for the Microsoft® Windows® platforms and enables users to remotely activate multiple networked computers.

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