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Lumia Browser

Freeware May 18, 2013 download

Lumia Browser™ is a very handy web browser with all the basic web browser features like bookmarks, developer tools, site identification, history, simple design and much more included.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Happy Browser 1.03

Shareware Mar 03, 2005 download

Happy Browser is a multifunctional web browser with integrated many utilities.Find anonymous,free or fastest proxy,check of proxy status,response time...

Downloads total: 4544 last week: 0

Web DB Browser 2005 3.2.192

Adware Sep 25, 2007 download

The web database develop tools. The true thin database client that not need install database client. It working on web but has windows interface.

Downloads total: 201 last week: 0

Acoo Browser 1.98.744

Freeware Oct 14, 2009 download

Acoo Browser is a powerful multi-tabbed web browser based on the Internet Explorer engine (IE 5 or greater required).

Downloads total: 9853 last week: 0

Engineers Toolset 9.0

Shareware Sep 04, 2007 download

Engineer's Toolset is SolarWinds' flagship Toolset solution, including software applications ranging from configuration management, bandwidth and network performance monitoring to award-winning discovery and fault management tools.

Downloads total: 828 last week: 0

ABF Internet Explorer Tools 1.2

Shareware May 24, 2004 download

ABF Internet Explorer Tools is a set of very useful plug-ins for the popular MS Internet Explorer browser.

Downloads total: 3053 last week: 0

Da Browser Based Games Browser 1.0

Freeware Nov 25, 2004 download

Da Browser Based Games Browser is a custom games web browser that delivers easy navigation to arcade classics (Pac Man, Tetris, Asteroids, Space Invaders, etc), browser based games, browser based game websites, and web game directories.

Downloads total: 1408 last week: 0

Softerra LDAP Browser 2.6

Freeware Aug 19, 2007 download

Softerra LDAP Browser is a lightweight version of Softerra LDAP Administrator with limited functionality and is absolutely FREE for all kinds of use including commercial.

Downloads total: 2369 last week: 1

AIFreewareFast 1.1

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Freeware search companion with integrated browser for fast search and download. Includes history, latest products list and freeform search tool.

Downloads total: 470 last week: 0

MIB Browser 1.70

Freeware Mar 20, 2016 download

MIB Browser allows you to view the hierarchy of SNMP MIB variables in the form of a tree and provides you with additional information about each node.

Downloads total: 1052 last week: 1

Discrete Browser 1.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Discrete Browser is a web browser (like Internet Explorer) with special features which allow much greater privacy for your online surfing experience.

Downloads total: 378 last week: 0

Maxthon Browser

Freeware Jan 10, 2009 download

Maxthon is a multipage browser based on the Internet Explorer core (IE 5.x or IE 6.0 required). It can open multiple Web pages in just one window.

Downloads total: 2530 last week: 0

Clone Tools 2.02

Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

Find and Delete Duplicate Files and Folders. Clone Tools is the first duplicate file finder that finds folders with shared or identical content.

Downloads total: 295 last week: 0

PowerWebTools 2.0

Demo Sep 24, 2007 download

PowerWebTools is an exciting new design interface with a collection of scripts for WebMasters to use to help enhance their website.

Downloads total: 321 last week: 0

Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) 3.0

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

Browser Hijack Recover(BHR) is a safe and easy-to-use tool that recovers your browser after it has been hijacked by Spyware, Adware, Hijackware and Other Pests.

Downloads total: 4773 last week: 0

STOIK Imagic 5.0

Freeware Oct 02, 2012 download

This unique application combines functions of thumbnail browser, photo viewer, image and video editor.

Downloads total: 598 last week: 0

InstantCharts Market Browser for Traders 1.0

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

InstantCharts Market Browser is a market data display application for professional traders. It allows easy access to and manipulation of market data through a combination of specialized display objects and analytical tools, such as Tickers, Quote Lists, News, Time and Sales Information, Charting.

Downloads total: 731 last week: 1

Impulse Browser v1.0 Beta

Freeware Nov 04, 2009 download

Impulse Browser is a new Web Browser designed by Impulse Productions. It surfs the web at a good, fast speed.

Downloads total: 363 last week: 0

Ping-Probe 3.0.0

Shareware Dec 05, 2013 download

Ping-Probe offers a comprehensive suite of ten top-quality networking tools. The tools include: Ping, Traceroute, TCP Port Scanner, Network Scanner, SNMP Browser, Bandwidth Monitor, DNS Client, Finger Client, Whois Client and LDAP Client.

Downloads total: 1097 last week: 0

Zac Browser 1.1.7

Freeware Sep 10, 2008 download

ZAC Browser (Zone for Autistic Children) is the first web browser developed specifically for children with autism, and autism spectrum disorders such as Asperger syndrome, pervasive developmental disorders (PDD), and PDD-NOS.

Downloads total: 447 last week: 1

OidView Pro MIB Browser 4.0

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

OidView is a MIB Browser and Expert System for SNMP Agent analysis and administration. Supports SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, and SNMPv3.

Downloads total: 1097 last week: 0

Question Tools EditorSuite 3.0

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Question Tools EditorSuite is a fully-functional, free, integrated suite of e-learning tools used in 121 countries.

Downloads total: 473 last week: 1

Database Workbench 5.0

Demo Sep 02, 2014 download

Cross database engine developer IDE for InterBase, SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, NexusDB, MSDE and Sybase SQL Anywhere including many tools lik...

Downloads total: 674 last week: 0

Database Workbench Pro 5.10.0

Shareware Mar 18, 2015 download

Cross database engine developer IDE for InterBase, SQL Server, Firebird, MySQL, Oracle, NexusDB, MSDE and Sybase SQL Anywhere including many tools lik...

Downloads total: 98 last week: 0

Tab Tools 2.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Tab Tools is a guitar/bass tablature software. With Tab Tools you can view, edit, play, manage and share tab files very easily.

Downloads total: 788 last week: 1

WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator 1.2

Freeware Aug 28, 2007 download

WinWAP Smartphone Browser Emulator let's you use WAP services on your Windows PC. The browser is a mobile Internet browser that emulates the way you would use the mobile Internet services on built-in browser of a smartphone.

Downloads total: 3912 last week: 0

RazorSQL 7.3.1

Shareware Jul 19, 2017 download

RazorSQL is a SQL database query tool, SQL editor, database browser, and administration tool with support for all major databases and built in connect...

Downloads total: 1065 last week: 0

Privacy Optimizer 1.0

Shareware Jul 14, 2013 download

Stop Privacy Violations With Privacy Optimizer Blocking Dangerous Websites and Processes Privacy Optimizer can help Internet users block websites that are poorly rated and/or are very invasive.

Downloads total: 146 last week: 0

SimpleTurtle Exams 1.0

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Now you can easily deliver assesments (exams and quizzes) and manage your gradebook through a web browser using the SimpleTurtle Exams elearning application.

Downloads total: 281 last week: 1