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Passion Friends 1.30

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download Passion Friends dating software is the leading personals network for dating, romance, marriage, and fun! Find your dream partner from over 25 million active members looking for dating, love and romance.

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Dream Girl Generator 2.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Create your perfect Dream Girl with this free fun program called Dream Girl Generator. Not only for singles, because whether you are single or married - you will fall in love with this girl immediately.

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Ovulation Calendar 1.0

Shareware Apr 02, 2003 download

Ovulation Calendar is a handy program that calculates the time of ovulation and creates your personal fertility calendar, allowing you to choose the gender of your future baby.

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Flying Doughman 1.5

Shareware Dec 16, 2004 download

Once upon a time, an old childless woman decided to make something that could relieve her dull days. So, she made dough and cooked two pretty koloboks - a girl and a boy.

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Vivid Bricks 2.1

Freeware Apr 17, 2007 download

A small boy's nursery is in mess. Toys are scattered all over the room. Boy's mother would ask him to do the room, but he did not behave.

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Beautiful Girl Craps 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Beautiful Girl Craps gives the player an uncommon opportunity to spend the time that way that it will de a lot to remember afterwards! In Beautiful Girl Craps you will appear on a deserted beach.

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Vinyl Boy VST 1.09

Shareware Dec 06, 2007 download

Vinyl Boy is a VST plugin brings DJ scratching directly to your studio, with the advantage of precise midi treatment for the exact results you need.

Downloads total: 1456 last week: 2

RadioTelevision WebCams 1.33

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download Webcams is the software you need to access thousands of real live webcams all over the world and find webcam friends easily.

Downloads total: 975 last week: 2

Calmens - Fertility Calendar 6.6

Shareware Oct 05, 2012 download

Calmens is a software application, which helps you to plan the gender of your future child, calculate the fertile days (if you intend to get pregnant)...

Downloads total: 321 last week: 0

Magical Adventure 1.0

Freeware Oct 12, 2009 download

Magical Adventure is an adventure game for free. You are a brave boy to challenge the difficulty to save the girl you loved.

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Future Boy! 1

Demo Sep 24, 2007 download

Future Boy! is an adventure game unlike any you've ever played. It's more than interactive fiction--it's an interactive comic book, combining the exc...

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Cute Baby Name 1.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

It contains about 30000 baby names, name meanings and origins. You can browse boy names, girl names and select favorite baby names which meaning and origin copied to special folder.

Downloads total: 1566 last week: 0

Face U 3.0

Shareware Sep 16, 2008 download

In the cyber world, No one knows your real face and what you look like. Which picture we should adopt to show our personality? Did you already ti...

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Art of Money Getting by P.T. Barnum 1.0

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

The classic book by a man who made a fortune when it was hard to do so. From the book:"Stephen Girard started life as a poor cabin boy, and died worth nine million dollars.

Downloads total: 498 last week: 0

AiS Conception & Contraception Calendar(1) 3.3

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

This womens` contraception and conception calendar with baby gender predictions helps you to use natural (rhythmic) contraception method.

Downloads total: 322 last week: 1

Baby Names 1.0

Commercial Sep 25, 2007 download

Baby Names is a software which contains a database of over 21,000 baby names with meanings from over 70 origin categories.

Downloads total: 856 last week: 0

JX Ovulation Calendar 2.3.264

Shareware Oct 02, 2012 download

JX Ovulation Calendar is an easy and user-friendly ovulation calculator for women. The program calculates your fertile days and considers your menstrual cycle's possible fluctuations to help you avoid unwanted pregnancy or find out the most prospective days for conceiving a boy or girl.

Downloads total: 1385 last week: 0

Naughty Girls Smileys 2.18

Freeware Apr 01, 2008 download

Chat with your friend with our naughty girl smiley Download and install our naughty girl smiley, show your friend how cool you are in MS messenger.

Downloads total: 11707 last week: 0

Makeover Designer 1.0

Freeware Feb 11, 2010 download

Makeover Designer is an interesting dress up game for free. Choose a new face, design new clothes, and dress your girl, boy, or cat model in this fun makeover game! Dress Up: Use your mouse to pick clothes from the drawer to dress up one of the models.

Downloads total: 859 last week: 2

A Young Girl's Diary ebook 1.0

Shareware Aug 25, 2007 download

ebook - A Young Girl's Diary - Read part of it free, pay to read the rest. Leithauser Research ebook reader included.

Downloads total: 534 last week: 0

Pregnancy Calendar 12.0

Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

A software for mothers -to-be and fathers-to-be, can help you give birth to a perfectly healthy little baby! This is the calendar software designed for women at childbearing age.

Downloads total: 167 last week: 0

AV VoizGame 6.0.61

Shareware Dec 03, 2014 download

AV VoizeGame is an innovative voice chat tool that changes your real voice to disguise your real identity and play [delete- in] different characters in Online Role Playing Games.

Downloads total: 5919 last week: 0

Baby Gender Predictor 2010 1.0

Freeware Jan 14, 2010 download

Boy or Girl? Predict your future baby's gender! Baby Gender Predictor 2010 is a small and easy to use free program for a prediction of a baby gender in several popular ways: Chinese method, Japanese method and Blood Age method.

Downloads total: 349 last week: 0

Fantasy Girl by Drawing Hand 6.6a

Demo Sep 24, 2007 download

Watch as an artist's hand draws a girl from your fantasies. This is one of over 200 drawings that the screen saver can draw.

Downloads total: 292 last week: 0

Prehistoric Baccarat 1.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

You will be very surprised, when you discover that the games of chance appeared in the prehistoric age.

Downloads total: 327 last week: 0

Captain Otto In Trap 2.0

Freeware Sep 07, 2007 download

Captain Otto in Trap - help the captain to rescue the girl! Captain Otto in Trap is going to amuse you by funny story.

Downloads total: 327 last week: 2

Chinese Chess Girl 3.0

Shareware Jun 18, 2008 download

An Excellent Chinese Chess software, Play human vs human game;Play human vs computer game; Computer...

Downloads total: 1091 last week: 0

Neolithic Baccarat 1.0

Freeware Feb 20, 2006 download

You will be very surprised, when you discover that the games of chance appeared in the prehistoric age.

Downloads total: 946 last week: 0

Ovulation Calendar Calculator 2014.1

Shareware Mar 26, 2014 download

Ovulation Calendar Calculator calculates your personal ovulation calendar to help you achieve pregnancy or to avoid it.

Downloads total: 559 last week: 0