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Easy Chords 0.95

Freeware Aug 22, 2007 download

The first and only Winamp plugin that shows chords and guitar tabs to absolutely any song, right inside your Winamp.

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  • Platform: Windows
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Kill Winamp 1.61

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Either closes or stops winamp or turns the computer off after a certain number of minutes or songs played.

Downloads total: 1243 last week: 2

Winamp Lyrics Opener 1.1

Freeware Feb 04, 2007 download

Winamp Lyrics Opener automatically opens the lyrics of the currently playing song in Winamp.

Downloads total: 4376 last week: 0

LyricFX for Winamp 2.3

Freeware Apr 11, 2005 download

Automatically search for and display lyrics in Winamp, along with a visualization. The current lyric line is highlighted, and the lyrics are smoothly scrolled, in typical karaoke style.

Downloads total: 9364 last week: 2

FlashSpec 1.0

Shareware Mar 21, 2006 download

FlashSpec is a stand-alone application that produces synchronization data specifically for use with Flash.

Downloads total: 1030 last week: 0

Ozone for Winamp 2 1.03

Demo Aug 14, 2007 download

Analog modeled audio enhancement. Analog modeled EQ, tube compressors and amplifiers, room simulators and more -- a lot more.

Downloads total: 515 last week: 0

Ozone for Winamp 3 1.03

Demo Aug 14, 2007 download

Analog modeled audio enhancement. Analog modeled EQ, tube compressors and amplifiers, room simulators and more -- a lot more.

Downloads total: 820 last week: 0

MP3 Cat 2.25

Shareware Feb 04, 2013 download

MP3 Cat is an handy database for your mp3/music files. If you have a large collection of them, you surely will have felt the need for an intuitive yet powerful tool to organise and keep them in order: now you have found it.

Downloads total: 522 last week: 0

PimpBot 4.4.5

Freeware Oct 06, 2012 download

You are creating AVS, MilkDrop or SPS presets for Winamp and look for a convenient way to create installers.

Downloads total: 228 last week: 2

iZotope Vinyl for Winamp 2 1.0

Freeware Aug 14, 2007 download

iZotope Vinyl for Winamp is a free DSP plug-in that uses advanced filtering, modeling and resampling to create authentic 'vinyl' simulation, as if the audio was a record being played on a record player.

Downloads total: 599 last week: 0

Winamp Full 5.35

Freeware Jul 24, 2007 download

<p> Winamp Full is the newest version of Winamp. It is totally tailored to you, not too mention easy to use and also a great way to play MP3 files.

Downloads total: 7653 last week: 0

Songs-DB 1.3

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Songs-DB is a free MP3 player, jukebox and music organizer which takes care of large collections of MP3, WAV, WMA, audio CDs and virtually any other format.

Downloads total: 3036 last week: 1

Playlist Magic Copy 1.0

Shareware Apr 14, 2005 download

Playlist Magic Copy is a small but very useful utility to copy files, that resides in many folders from Winamp playlist to a certain folder.

Downloads total: 2081 last week: 1

FlashWAmp 1.1

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

FlashWAmp transforms any original Winamp skin to Flash sound player for publishing background music to your home page.

Downloads total: 2811 last week: 0

LDB QuickExecute 3.00

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Pop-up panel for quick launch of frequently used programs, documents, etc., also for Winamp and some Windows functions control.

Downloads total: 275 last week: 1

WinAmpBar 1.51

Shareware Jun 16, 2004 download

These days computers are everywhere. We tend to work using machines more and more each day. As modern operating systems evolve, we get more possibilities to make our life easier with help of new technologies.

Downloads total: 1711 last week: 1

MP3-finder 1.4.1

Freeware Mar 27, 2003 download

MP3-finder is specifically designed utility for fast and easy mp3 files searching on your computer and local network.

Downloads total: 3241 last week: 0

Ozone for Windows Media Player 9 1.03

Demo Aug 14, 2007 download

Analog modeled audio enhancement. Analog modeled EQ, tube compressors and amplifiers, room simulators and more -- a lot more.

Downloads total: 1028 last week: 0

Ogg-Vorbis 1.1 encoder 1.1

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Ogg Vorbis is a completely open, patent-free, professional audio encoding and streaming technology with all the benefits of Open Source.

Downloads total: 397 last week: 0

MP3BookHelper 2.3.4

Freeware Sep 30, 2012 download

This program provides rapid Mp3 (ID3v1, ID3v2) and Ogg/Speex/Flac Vorbis tags editing and file renaming functions.

Downloads total: 1991 last week: 0

DAFX Studio 1.0

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

DAFX Studio is a professional audio enhancing studio for winamp and other soft-wares which support winamp DSP plugin.

Downloads total: 867 last week: 1

MiniLyrics 7.6.43

Shareware Mar 26, 2014 download

MiniLyrics is an amazing lyrics plugin for iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, etc. It will download and display lyrics automatically, you can catch every word.

Downloads total: 1522 last week: 0

MusicGrabber 5.1

Demo Mar 12, 2004 download

Enjoy your music using this CD ripper and Wav converter: MusicGrabber is a CD ripper that easily extracts digital audio (DA) tracks from any or all of your Audio CDs.

Downloads total: 2237 last week: 1

AmoK Playlist Copy 2.01

Freeware Oct 02, 2012 download

Probably you know the scenario: You have a playlist (Winamp, Windows Media Player, iTunes or Foobar) with your favourite music but as soon as you want...

Downloads total: 554 last week: 1

Fairy Radio 1.91

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

Fairy Radio adds unique functions to Radio/TV cards: Time Shifting, equalizers (31-band and 10-band), high-quality MP3-recording on-the-fly, Winamp visualizations support.

Downloads total: 519 last week: 2

Streaming Audio Ripper 1.90

Shareware Sep 25, 2007 download

RipCast Streaming Audio Ripper is an application that allows you to connect to various SHOUTcast compatible servers/broadcasters and save the streaming audio to one or more MP3's.

Downloads total: 792 last week: 0

MP3 To Wave Maker Plus 2.8

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

This WAV to MP3 encoder and MP3 to WAV decoder starts the conversion process with a simple right click.

Downloads total: 474 last week: 0

Passion Audio Player 3.0

Freeware Oct 31, 2014 download

The Audio Player for those who have passion with PCs and Music. It uses the BASS API by

Downloads total: 1221 last week: 0

EvilLyrics 0.1.7

Freeware Jun 17, 2004 download

Automatically searches and displays lyrics to current song in Winamp, Windows Media Player, Foobar, iTunes, Real Player, MusicMatch or QCD.

Downloads total: 2334 last week: 0