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File Maven Pro 2.36

Shareware Oct 05, 2012 download

File Maven Pro is a dual directory file manager that makes copying and moving files much easier than with Windows Explorer.

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  • Platform: Windows
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GRL RealHidden 1.0

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

GRL RealHidden version 1.0 is a software utility that allows you to hide a file physically inside of another file, and then retrieve that hidden file.

Downloads total: 245 last week: 0

FreeFile 1.2

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

Cannot delete file: Access is denied - "Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use.

Downloads total: 407 last week: 1

A+ File Protection 2.7

Shareware Sep 30, 2012 download

A+ File Protection is a simple solution to assure the privacy of your sensitive files. A+ File Protection is an easy to use tool which will hide/embed a file by encrypting it within another file - a BPM picture file.

Downloads total: 1754 last week: 0

ZCR 1.0

Freeware Sep 24, 2007 download

Zip Contents Renamer renames the CDG and MP3 file inside a ZIP file to match the name of the ZIP file, allowing your MP3+G collection to be better organized.

Downloads total: 363 last week: 0

New File Wizard 1.4.4

Freeware Sep 25, 2007 download

New file wizard - tool for Windows Explorer and file managers. It creates the new file by user-defined template, save the file names history list.

Downloads total: 396 last week: 0

General File Splitter 2.0.601

Shareware Oct 11, 2007 download

General File Splitter splits a large file into smaller size files and creates self-joining exe file. The software supports any types of files.

Downloads total: 400 last week: 0

File Joiner 2.02.5

Shareware Mar 08, 2017 download

File Joiner is a tool that combines (binds) unlimited files (no matter their type) into a single standalone executable (a Container file).

Downloads total: 16559 last week: 0

Secure File Split 1.10

Shareware Dec 21, 2007 download

Secure File Split is a piece of beautiful software for split large file to smaller files by bytes, kilo bytes, mega bytes.

Downloads total: 431 last week: 1

Advanced File Vault 1.017

Shareware Sep 01, 2011 download

Hide or password-protect any file instantly by clicking on it. Advanced File Vault works with all file types including pictures and movies.

Downloads total: 624 last week: 0

File Tree Printer 3.2

Shareware Feb 28, 2008 download

File Tree Printer is used to export directory or CD/DVD listings to a text file, which can be displayed, edited or printed by other programs such as Notepad, Wordpad, Microsoft Word.

Downloads total: 2541 last week: 1

Hide2Image Advanced 5.12

Shareware Dec 29, 2005 download

Hide2Image Advanced allows you to encrypt, compress and hide a file (for example: zip, rar, doc, xls, txt, exe, etc.

Downloads total: 1111 last week: 1

SFV Checker 2.01

Freeware Aug 05, 2013 download

SFV Checker uses CRC-32 technology to check each file and notifies you of any potentially bad, corrupt, incorrect size or missing files to save you hours of downloading only to find you have 1 file missing or the last file has a CRC checksum error.

Downloads total: 3603 last week: 0

MultiFind Pro 1.74

Shareware Sep 27, 2010 download

Multifind Pro is an advanced file search tool for Windows. It allows searching for files by text string, regular expression, file size, file date and more.

Downloads total: 214 last week: 0

Rename File 3.17

Shareware Jun 08, 2010 download

Rename File - How to Rename File? What is the best way to rename file? Rename multiple files with the best file renaming software.

Downloads total: 228 last week: 0

File Shredder Deluxe 2.3

Commercial Sep 24, 2007 download

File Shredder Deluxe is the ideal tool for desstroying permenantly and unrecoverably files that you dont want to access anymore.

Downloads total: 494 last week: 1

VX Search 9.9.12

Freeware Jul 24, 2017 download

VX Search is an automated, rule-based file search solution capable of searching files by the file type, category, extension, file name, location, size, creation, modification and last access dates, user, file attributes, JPEG EXIF tags, etc.

Downloads total: 292 last week: 6

File Properties Changer 1.83

Shareware Nov 15, 2013 download

File Properties Changer is an application designed to change properties of files, file attributes, file name extensions and a name of a file.

Downloads total: 3221 last week: 0

File Ace 2.05

Shareware Feb 10, 2010 download

File Ace is a scriptable and extensible file and directory manipulator. It provides powerful tools that simplify complex and time-consuming file tasks.

Downloads total: 2285 last week: 0

Deliview 3.1

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

DeliView 3.1 is a Dwg file viewer and preview extractor. It shows previews of Dwg files from version 13 to version 2005.

Downloads total: 288 last week: 0

Easy File Encryption

Shareware Oct 28, 2009 download

LinSa file encryption is a file encryption utility that enables you to encrypt the content of file, using a variety of secure algorithms including Blowfish, AES, MD5 and Triple-DES.

Downloads total: 228 last week: 1

Powerful File Renamer

Shareware Mar 07, 2007 download

Power File Sorter - is a powerful file sorter, file organizer, file renamer, that will sort, organize, rename all your files, fast and easy.

Downloads total: 1463 last week: 0

PDF Split and Merge 1.0

Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Extract single pages or a group of pages from a pdf file. It is also possible to save every page inside a separate pdf file or to combine multiple pdf files into one big pdf file.

Downloads total: 424 last week: 0

123 Other File 2.0

Shareware Sep 24, 2007 download

Another file is intended for automatic download pictures and other file attachments from newsgroups. Just select the groups to scan and Another File does the rest.

Downloads total: 383 last week: 1

Advanced File Lock 2.0

Demo Sep 25, 2007 download

Simply right-click on a file, type a password, and your file cannot be read or used. Works with any type of file including photos, movies, office documents, etc.

Downloads total: 468 last week: 0

OST File Recovery 1.0

Shareware Dec 11, 2007 download

Convert OST to PST using Professional OST File Recovery Software. OST File Recovery Software successfully convert OST file to PST file at the time when Exchange server goes down.

Downloads total: 734 last week: 0

File Valet

Shareware Aug 07, 2007 download

File Valet© is an easy to use image file management and organization tool. The current version allows you to organize photographs and other images that are scattered in various folders throughout your file system.

Downloads total: 366 last week: 0

WinUtilities File Shredder 4.71

Shareware Oct 06, 2012 download

WinUtilities File Shredder is a utility that securely deletes your files so they can't be restored using recovery software.

Downloads total: 320 last week: 1

File-Extensions.org Search 0.2

Freeware Jan 22, 2012 download

Windows can not open your file? With free File-Extensions.org Search utility you can easily find the information about any file extension that you are looking for including programs associated with it.

Downloads total: 4141 last week: 3